My Favorites #1

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What is My Favorites? My Favorites is a series I’m starting where any number of times a week I will share with you  posts by other people who I really enjoy. So without any further ado, here is the first of many of My Favorites.

My first favorite is a post is written by a blogger known to her fans as That one girl you’ll never meet. That one girl you’ll never meet writes for her blog theblogyouwant and the piece of her’s I have chosen is a piece entitled Breaking Bad Habits. The post gives good insight into a commonly discussed but not always understood topic. When writing writers often present facts the way they view works the best. With this post theblogyouwant uses her own past experience to help write the post and for this  I have to giver her props, admitting you have or have had problems or bad habits in the past is often quite hard. I must admit my opinion is slightly biased as theblogyouwant is a close friend of mine, but I believe this a very well written piece and that is exactly why I am sharing it with you today. Bellow will the links to theblogyouwant’s site and to the post it’s self. It would be great if you could stop by and give it a read.

That one girl you’ll never meet:

Breaking bad habits:

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