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Our Greatest Glory.

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Glory“Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall” – Confucius.

This quote has recently come into my life (for some reason I’ve made it sound sentient) and it has absolutely made me think hard about somethings because to me it’s truly inspirational. A view that often makes its way into people’s heads is that we need to succeed in what ever what we do. I’m not sure why we think it but we just do. Do we really need to succeed all the time though? Failing and or falling down (often the same thing) is what makes us human. It makes those times when we succeed so much better because we have to work for it.

When ever we fall it always feels easier to lay down and pull the blanket of defeat over our self. It’s those times where we really need to remember quotes like this. I know what it feels like to succeed under the watch of defeat. It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You feel as though that everything is over then and there and that it can’t possibly get any better. Then all of a sudden it happens. We achieve what we were working for. We over come the odds and the prospect of defeat.

There are a few things this quote teaches us. It teaches us that it IS okay to fail and that getting up after failure is always the best option. So remember this quote. Use it to guide you to true glory!


Social Acceptability.

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As much as people (and me sometimes) would like to think otherwise, there IS ACTUALLY people around us in this world of ours. I strongly believe that everyone should be allowed to be their own person and to an extent do what ever they want, but it really confuses me to why people behave as though there’s no one around them. I seriously doubt that anyone (that is not vision impaired) has the inability to realize that there is people around them and that where they are might just be in the wrong place to do what ever it is they are doing. Based off my opinion’s, here are something’s to keep in mind when around other people.

  1. People may not want to hear your conversation: As exciting as the conversation might be, not everyone wants to hear it. It is not at all exciting to have someone around you talking too loud and on top of that I have known people have felt uncomfortable about the fact that (intentionally or not) they can hear someone else’s conversation.
  2.  Please dress appropriately: By no means should you let anyone force you into wearing or not wearing a certain piece of clothing but if you’re going to wear a tight shirt on short shorts people will look at you and or have a problem with it. If you plan on going somewhere or doing something that requires you to wear inappropriate clothing or a lack of clothing all together, maybe cover your self up a little when you’re en route to your activity or destination.
  3. DON’T have alcohol open in a public place (with the exception of sporting arenas and restaurants etc.): Not to long ago, I was on my way home from school when a man with a bag alcohol got onto the bus. This on it’s own was alright. He didn’t have it out and wasn’t consuming it. The problem was that was open. I could tell this because I could see that the cooler bag he had the alcohol in was leaking all over the floor of the bus getting on some people’s belongings and making the floor sticky. Regardless of whether it’s in your hand or out of view. PLEASE DON’T take open alcohol into a public space.
  4.  Adapt behaviour to your situation: This in a way goes hand in hand with no. 1&2 in the fact where you’re your own person and can do what ever you want, but you need to be smart when it comes to how you behave in certain situations. I have seen situations where people who are generally more dominant or opinionated than most and the “clash” with someone who is similar in that aspect and or they have a  disagreement about what they’re talking about often ending quite badly. I understand that in some situations it can seem to and actually be quite hard to read, but if you just strand back and listen to what’s going on you can act accordingly/appropriately. AND you can go back to behaving how ever you please when you’re in a different situation so that’s an upside.
  5. Accept the fact that some people just wont agree with you: This is a point that I have made before in it’s own post, how ever I think it’s something that still needs to be made clear to some people. The one major thing about an opinion is the fact that not everyone is going to agree with it. Sometimes people will agree with it or agree with some parts and disagree with others, but most of the time it’s likely that people are going to disagree. This point is sort of two in the fact that I’m suggesting that you don’t force your opinions on someone because they’re likely to not agree and to not get put off if/when they don’t agree. Someone disagreeing with you doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it plainly and simply means its not what they think.

Like I stated at the start, these are my opinions and not by any means rules or policies that you HAVE to follow. They are simply suggestions I have made based of my opinions and observations of social situations.

Gender Equality Oral Presentation.

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The following is an oral presentation on Gender Equality I wrote and presented for my year 12 English class.

The topic I shall be talking about today is gender equality.

Before I lose your attention I would like you to do something for me. I would like you not to face me but to face the people at your table and to face your class mates around you. As you sit here looking around at each other, you sit there as a class. You sit there as friends. You sit there as equals.

Every day people of all ages both male and female are teased and or discriminated against because of their gender. Young and teenage girls are told what to do what wear and how to behave, they are not included in supposed male activities and have their opinions ignored simply because they are female. Young and teenage boys have to like and wear supposed manly colours, enjoy and play sport and at all times have to be strong and composed. As much as I would like to say otherwise, gender discrimination DOES continue to happen after the teenage years and into adulthood. Men do all the hands on jobs and all the heavy lifting while women to all the smart people behind the scenes jobs and get paid less for it. Are these ideas and concepts correct, accurate or acceptable? No. Plainly and simply, NO. Why such gender based assumptions are even around today eludes me and the fact the people live by and agree with them disgusts me. People regardless of their age and gender should be allowed to do what they want, wear what they want, believe what they want and enjoy what they want and be paid based on their job and not on their gender.

Lets take a trip to the Middle East and again look around at your class mates. Half of you go to school whilst the other half are not even allowed to dream of an education. Half of you go out and work for money whilst the other of you stay home cooking and cleaning not to make money but to make sure that the rest of the family have food to eat and clean clothes for the next day. Half you are strong and superior whilst the other are ignored and unimportant. It does not take much thought to figure out how these groupings are decided. It takes very little thought to figure out that these groups are split into male and female. Although such thoughts exist in certain places in a handful of countries, saying it’s less of an issue is in my opinion completely incorrect. Gender inequality is a serious issue regardless of where it is and how often or how much it happens.

For those who may be asking why gender inequality is such a problem and why we so often hear about why a change NEEDS to be made, just imagine that you’re being left out of activities amongst your friends because your name starts with  the letter F or you were born on a Saturday. Along side gender based discrimination it’s absolutely outrageous.

An article posted on the website on November the 17th states “In 2010, single men’s wealth was on average 23% higher than single women’s wealth holdings.” and that this is double of what it was in 2002. An article published on the website in reference to Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and her thoughts on gender equality adds emphasis to these statistics stating that “this is astonishing, especially when you consider that young women are more likely than young men to go to university.”

Finally in the same article, the writer Senator Larissa Waters states “the courageous women I know who are loudly, proudly advocating for equal rights and opportunities for women are certainly not “whingeing” – they are feminists, they are leaders and they should be applauded for their work.”

Anyone can join the movement toward the gender equality whether directly involved or not and you most certainly do not have to be female. Progress can come from anywhere, anyone and at anytime in various shapes and sizes ranging from anyone spreading the word in any way they can all the way to Emma Watson making a speech in front of the UN.

Regardless of who you are, where you live or how much you get paid, you CAN help gender equality become more world-wide.

Thank you.

An Opinionated World goes Google.

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Hey all!

I just want to give you a quick update to say that In attempt to grow the army of fellow opinionated, An Opinionated World now also resides on Google +. If you want to follow me or add me as a friend or what ever (I don’t quite know the lingo yet :D) you can see my profile by clicking this link This means I shall now be posting content there as well as on here, Facebook and twitter and will socialise/chat with any followers that wish to start a discussion. I hope you can pop over if you have time and I can’t wait to put out some fresh new content for you very soon.

Have fun and happy reading :D

My Opinions #1: Having a cry.

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Just a quick side note before we start, yes I have already put out a post under the name My Opinions #1 and I could continue from 18 or 19 (or wherever I was up to) however the concept behind coming back to this posting format is new beginnings. I could continue from where I left off but to me continuing something I stopped doesn’t exactly scream new beginnings, so from now on all the “My Opinions” posts I write will stay under that name and can be differentiated by viewing the older ones under the My opinions category and all the new posts will be under the category Opinions 2.0.

Thank you and enjoy the post.

For some reason (I can’t possibly think of why) there is this preconceived notion going around that having a cry is a bad thing to do. Why is this? Because it’s not manly, embarrassing and just plain not a good thing to do. NO. JUST…. NO. I can not begin to tell you how many kinds of wrong that those points are. I could, but I don’t think my fingers could take the pressure that’s how long I would be typing. First of all crying is in no way at all un manly, I have known men AND women that have been very proud of when they cry because the main reason they cried is because something or someone has made them very proud and I believe that is a perfectly good reason to cry.

As to it being embarrassing, yes it can be very embarrassing. It’s you getting very emotional about something that could very well be nothing, making a very loud and unattractive noise and allowing fluid to continually stream out of your eyes. I AGREE 100% that it’s a very embarrassing thing to do but you know what? I DON’T CARE. I care about how embarrassing crying is about as much as I care about politics which is currently not at all and NEVER likely to go up in the next millennia. When you’re all full of bottled up emotion (whether it be good or bad) and you get to the point where something has to be done about it, crying is a good way to let it all out because you’re at that point where you can’t handle it any more and the emotion just all comes rushing out.

Finally to wrap this all up the point that crying is just bad, that’s wrong. Crying as well as being a good emotional escape it is also one of the many ways that the body uses to flush out all the yuckiness out of your body so :P.

Thank you all very much for reading my first opinion 2.0, I have had so much fun coming back to it and greatly look forward to writing it more in the future.

Back to my roots (sorry I am late!).

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If any of you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you would have seen an update that said on Friday I would be going back to my roots. Sadly because I have been all kinds of lazy I was not able to get the post out explaining what on earth it was that I meant simply because I couldn’t be bothered. HOWEVER the good news is that I am in front of a computer now, I’m in the zone to post something for you all and I am going to completely beast it out. Let’s do this!

I started this blog back on the 21st of May 2013 and around that time I stuck to a rather simple posting habit. I would post an inspirational quote once a day every day I managed to find a good one and when ever I thought of a topic I could write my opinions on I would do it. It was an easy format to follow, it was (slightly) consistent and I kind of miss it. So I am going back to it. Sort of.

What does this mean?
What it means is that once a week a will post my opinions on what ever topic I feel like and when ever I have something else to post about I’ll post that as well.

Will you go back to posting quotes?
Quite simply. NO. It was fun posting the quotes when I first started, I would find a quote and then based what ever I was planning on posting that day around the quote (or sometimes the other way around) and It was a good time. I enjoy doing stuff like that as I find inspirational quotes rather enlightening, but the problem is that it got way to tedious to keep doing. It became hard to find quotes that matched my daily topic and when I did find one that matched they hardly ever made any sense. I will most likely not be going back to posting quotes in the foreseeable future.

Aren’t your posts now based on your opinions?
Mostly yes, but they are slightly different to what I did originally.

What is the difference?
The way I would post my opinions back in the beginning would be my opinion and only my opinion. I would write solely on what I thought about the topic. Nowadays I try my best to take both sides when writing a post. As I am not perfect yet I don’t always take both sides and often find my self changing between my side and both sides multiple times in the post. So these new posts will be an awesome sandwich of my ideas, opinions and points of view.

When will these posts start?
This coming Friday (23/1/2015), Hopefully.

Changing to this format has been something I have thought about doing for a while and this way I’m certain I will get the most enjoyment out of posting, thus creating more motivation to put out more content for you all. Like I said though the posts will start being in this format (one opinion post once a week on top of other posts (just checking that you remembered :) )) HOPEFULLY this Friday and I say hopefully this Friday because I don’t always post on time. I can be rather consistent with getting out content when I want to be but when ever I set my self a due date the odds of meeting that date aren’t often in my favour (where’s Effie when you need her?), so If I post my opinion piece a day early then that’s great but if it comes to Friday and you don’t see the post go up, don’t worry it will be up shortly.

Please just use your words

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I swear people aren’t paying as much attention to Silverliningsdaily as they should be. She has said on a number of occasions to use your words and people just aren’t doing that for some unknown reason. Let me explain what on earth it is that i am going on about;

Just the other night I was watching the news when a report came on talking about a video that had been uploaded to YouTube showing two girls getting into a fight. This much I am used to. Trust me there is thousands of hours of videos on YouTube about girls fighting, it’s not a rare occurrence nowadays. However the thing that really stumped me is the fact that the mother of one of the daughters was encouraging the daughter to fight the other girl and at times telling her to hit the girl more. Her MOTHER was doing this, NOT one of her friends. Her MOTHER. The woman that brought her into this world and the one that is SUPPOSED to be teaching her about what is right and wrong in this world is encouraging her to beat this girl senseless. Wow. Just wow.

As I am not the mother of the daughter I can in no way think of any possible reason why she thought encouraging her daughter was a smart Idea. Quite honestly I find it appalling. After the training in martial arts I can tell you that the best technique to end a fight is to not start it and I can also tell you that this method is rather common knowledge. I have only seen the short snippet of the video that was shown on the news and don’t have any intention of watching any more of it so I have no idea why the two were fighting, but I can say that instead of yelling instructions to her daughter, the mother should have been the one separating the two.

I can guarantee you that 90% of conflict can be solved using words and that this fight is definitely one of those times. A lot of the time a fight is completely unavoidable in these situations, but if the mother was there she should have been separating the two instead of watching and encouraging it (I am not sure if she was the one filming it but I believe the possibility is highly likely).

To end, a few notes;

To the mother: There is no reason why you should have been antagonizing this instead of getting in between it. Please have a long hard think about what is right and wrong ESPECIALLY when it comes to your daughter, your daughter hurting others and setting a good example to others as a parent.

To anyone who comes across a fight: Get in between it. Don’t think, don’t watch just get in between it. People can die when stupid shit like this happens and whether you believe it or not you DO have the capability to get in between it and at least attempt to resolve it.

To everyone else: USE YOUR WORDS!!!!!

To view silverliningsdaily’s post about using your words, please click below: 

Getting away.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home and not just for the reasons you’d think. Admittedly I enjoy being at home because of video games Facebook and YouTube. However I also enjoy being at home because it IS home. It’s where I’m used to being, my friends are close my other favourite places to be are close and I greatly enjoy being able to kick back and relax at home when the day is not so good outside.

As much as I love being at home I also like to getting away for a while. I love being able to go on holiday for a few weeks and refresh far away from the real world. I am currently in the small beach town named Ocean Grove roughly 30 minutes drive from Geelong and being here is incredibly calming. I have been coming down to the beach with my family around this time of the year for the past 5 or so years and other times of the year for a number of years before that and I love it.

The beach is within walking distance of where we’re staying and a strip of shops is just a short drive away and I honestly can’t see a reason why I or my family would ever stop coming here. Being away from constant internet connection and out of a situation you’re used to being in forces you to adapt to your surroundings and find other means of entertainment other than the screen on your desk at home or the small one in your hand that you may or may not be reading this on right now.

Being away from the real world is giving me a lot more time to do stuff I should be doing more often. I’m getting more time to read, I’m getting more time to spend with my family, I’m getting more time to relax and more importantly I’m getting time to be my self and have fun without being connected at the hip.

To anyone reading this, I highly recommend taking a trip from anywhere between 1 and a half and 2 and a half weeks to just get away. You can really go anywhere you don’t go often or haven’t been to before. You don’t necessarily have to go somewhere remote you just have to separate from routine and have a go at different things.

New Years Eve 2014

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So it’s new Years Eve again! Many exciting things have happened over the past 12 months and 2014 is about to come to a close. This year has been an interesting one across the world with many exciting things and a number of tragedies taking place and as all this events took place, nations across the world came together and showed their true colours.

Unfortunately this year has seemed to be a year for disaster as we have had plan crashes, famous deaths, war and public attacks that brought countries to a standstill as we all watched it unfold. Tension rose as the fight between Russia and the Ukraine continued over the town of Crimea after Vladimir Putin announced as a part of Russia. Malaysian Airlines flights 17 & 370 disappeared and family’s were left to grieve for their loved ones. A few different shootings took place in different countries capturing the eyes and minds of their citizens as they came together to pay their respects to fellow citizens. It seemed at stages that this year was just going to continue to get worse and worse and worse.

However it wasn’t just sad times that filled the year. This year was certainly a year for international sport as we witnessed the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Never have I seen a year so full of patriotism and parties of people cheering their nation to a hopeful victory. However it wasn’t just sport that took the world by storm this year as social change started to become popular after female film star and renowned feminist Emma Watson made her “HeForShe” speech for the united nations enlisting men to jump on board and join the fight for gender equality as she did an INCREDIBLE job showing us that feminism is not exactly what we think it is.

As the year comes to an end and the new year begins, now is as good of a time as ever to say “PLEASE KEEP SAFE THESE HOLIDAYS!”. I’m sure lots of people around the world  want to bring in the new year with a bang (no pun intended) through copious amounts of partying, drinking and maybe the occasional homemade and or store bought  firework or two. In no way is it wrong to want to have fun as we enter 2015, but the last thing we want to have to do on the first day of the new year is to have to make a hospital run after you or mate is injured because someone was stupid. SO to EVERYONE reading this, drink, party, do what you want but please be conscious of what you and your friends are doing and if someone needs help please do them a solid and give them a hand.

This is my last post before the new year so I hope you all enjoy your celebrations and have a great and safe time saying goodbye to 2014.

Have fun and SAFE and happy partying.

Social media.

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When ever I have an update for you all but it is too short to post here or I just feel like saying something quickly, I end up posting it on social media. If/ when you have the time (I’m not going to force you), follow me on my other social media accounts to see the content I don’t post here.


I hope you all have a fun and eventful holidays and a very happy new year :D