Why my kids won’t be allowed to use the internet.

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We have had the privilege where our parents have not of growing up with the internet. The internet is a great resource with many purposes ranging from entertainment to education to procrastination. Including my self, for a lot of people the internet is a hub for everything. The internet is where I relax, It’s where I learn things, it’s where I work and it’s where i talk to most of my friends and 99% of the people I have ever collaborated with (I promise I have a social life). Essentially the internet is my life right now and likely will continue to be until I can find other kinds of writing jobs, however it is not a habit I recommend anyone develop and one I most certainly WILL NOT let my children develop.

(In more ways than one) The internet is like a disease. For every good/practical use it has two bad ones develop and this process goes on and on endlessly. There are very few days where I can log onto my Facebook or Instagram account and see consistently positive content of any kind. Starting from the top of my news feed I often see a few irrelevant posts and scroll past, see something that amuses me, makes me laugh or inspires me and hope this positivity will resonate and similar posts will continue to be up and down my feed, but then the inevitable happens and I see something that’s just straight up terrible. Abuse, hate, ignorance, racism, sexism and other terrible qualities galore.

I can’t begin to say that my life is terrible so I have no idea what it could possibly be that make some people so bitter in general or to other people but what astounds me the most is the fact people just can’t find the common sense to not spread this negativity. There are a plethora of ways out there to rid your self of negativity that have nothing AT ALL to do with sharing it with/ forcing it upon someone else making it their problem. Why would that seem like a good idea to someone? I can accept the likelihood that there are situations where people are legitimately stressed out or going through issues that cause them to un intentionally spread some negative emotion but I can comfortably say that it’s not these people who are weight shaming, discriminating and generally putting down the beautiful people of this glorious world of ours. IT IS the pissed off people of the world sitting on their computers trying to make them selves feel better at other people’s expense.

I am by no means perfect at it but I always try to think over the content I put online making sure it’s something that people will enjoy seeing and or won’t in any way cause people harm or distress and I implore you to do the same. It takes a very short amount of time to take a quick check of what ever you’re posting and or asking a friend or family member’s opinion. As the years go by more and more overly impressionable people are connecting to the internet and growing up with all this negativity… Please, please PLEASE help me help you make the internet a better place by being kind and amazing to one another.

What do I belive in?

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Jack and FinnLadies and Gents of the internet I would like to present you Jack and Finn Harries also of the internet (photo above). These incredibly talented gentlemen hail from the far away land of England and are the creative GENIUSES behind popular YouTube channel Jacks Gap. Jack, Finn and their rag-tag team of video creators and friends have been the minds behind various YouTube videos including but not limited to Travel Vlogs/Documentaries, Collaboration projects and epic inspirational videos that come about from them just sitting in front of a camera.

Jack (I would point out which one he is but I admittedly terrible at telling them apart) recently posted a video of three things he wanted to talk about then and there, one of them being a collaboration video he wanted to do. Not to long ago he and Finn did this kind of collaboration for the first time asking their fans to send them video messages over Skype about what it is they fear. After over 2500 submissions and I’m sure what was hours of editing and rendering, they had an incredible video including their incredibly loyal fans.

Now Jack is at it again. Instead of asking what it is we fear Jack has asked their fans to share what they believe in, which in my mind is an incredible and extremely powerful topic. Albeit not on a video message over Skype; this is my submission (of sorts) of what I belive.

Being totally honest… This is actually a hard question for me to answer. I know what I do and don’t believe in but it’s hard to put a name on it. I do belive in heaven, God and the after life but I don’t necessarily follow it. It’s more like I believe in A good and not any particular one. I believe that if we treat others with the respect we seek from them that we will in turn be treated well and have a good life. But then again, so do a substantial number of religions out there so that’s kind of where it gets confusing.

One thing how ever I can tell you I believe in and can put a name on is Equality. Marriage equality, gender equality, religious equality you name it. If it implies one thing being equal to another (except in the case of two numbers), I believe in it. How could one not (my opinion) believe in something that brings all the beautiful people of the world into one big happy family.

Thirdly I believe in respect and fairness. This I guess could come under the title of equality BUT (for the sake of this post) let’s have it as its own topic. Being alive, breathing air actually existing on this planet of ours is largely social interaction in one way or another. The amount of people you will interact with socially is quite high and although you’re not likely to stop and talk to each and every person you walk past, bump into or see out of the corner of your eye, it’s still interaction. When interacting with others we are taught to be respectful and to be fair. We are taught to move out of someone’s way, give a stranger a hand if they might need it or to give someone a compliment if their smile is looking a little upside down like. It’s all about being kind to those around you so that even if they never see you again, they MAY (who knows they might not… It happens) walk away with the encounter with a smile on their face then proceeding to be the same way with someone else.

I don’t know about you but that’s definitely what I believe in :)

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment, send me a message (of any variety) or send me the link to a post of yours talking about what it is you believe in.

And if you would like to be a part of Jack’s video, submissions are open ’till the end of this week and I have left links to the Jacks Gap channel, the what do you believe in video and the collaboration video about fear throughout the post.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice day! :)

Use Your Words.

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I know dis

(I am not angry I just wanted to get saying it out-of-the-way).

Both my self and Silver Linings Daily have posted on a number of occasions about using one’s words and how beneficial it could be if people ACTUALLY DID IT! But that’s not what this post is about, well not exactly. The purpose of this post is to tell you about something I have been doing lately. It’s not likely that a lot of you have seen it just yet as it is only new today. At the top of my blog there are four tabs to various pages. One of the four  page tabs is a tab entitled “Use Your Words” and shares details about a campaign I am involved in all about (YEP you guessed it) using your words.  After to many instances of people not using their words, Silver and I have started this campaign to show people how beneficial and often simple using your words can be.

The currently facebook (and sometimes word of mouth) based movement is viewable using the link www.facebook.com/uywcampaign and will as we progress feature more and more content of various varieties (videos, rants, anecdotes, posts about news stories etc.) about using your words.

As Silver and I are only two people, we are hoping as many as people can get involved as posible. This can be done through liking the facebook page and sharing your experiences or stories about people using or not using their words by commenting on posts and messaging us any content you may like to be featured (can be done anonymously).

We would love dearly if you could join us in the campaign and even possibly share our mission amongst friends, family and or colleagues so our word can spread and more people can see the benefits of using your words.

Many thanks,
Admin O and Silver Linings Daily.

I can feel my self getting fat already.

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So Easter time is upon as once again. Chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and diabetes galore. Easter is a time for people to buy unnecessary amounts of chocolate claiming it’s not JUST for them and using the excuse of it being a holiday to eat it all unhealthily quickly. I say this because that’s pretty much what I do every year.

Naturally I have eaten way to many eggs already. With out it this post probably wouldn’t exist. They weren’t massive eggs and in hindsight I really haven’t had that many, but it sure is too many leading up to the holiday. In the week or so leading up to Easter the only chocolate I really eat is the bags of small Cadbury eggs, the main problem is the fact that I keep going back to eat more. I only take two at a time but because they are soooooooooooooooo good, I keep going back and back and back over and over again to get more.

I’m not going to say “I keep going back because my mind tells me it’s okay” because that’s not a reason I CONSCIOUSLY use to justify it, but when a person enjoys something a decent amount (it can happen with anything, not just chocolate) the brain can often start to make subconscious decisions (like assuming chocolate is healthy) due a repeated and constant happen. ISN’T OUR BRAIN JUST GREAT!!!!!!!

When the day actually comes around I can without a doubt tell you I’m screwed. Definitely, epicly and monumentally screwed. Why? Because my brain is going to make those subconscious choices. Chocolate is so good and I am going  to be around so many kinds of YUMMY CHOCOLATE goodness I’m going to just keep eating it. Not to the extent of shoving it into my face by the bucket load, but lots of it WILL be consumed.

School censorship.

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IMG_0848I’m going to be quite frank. Censorship gives me the shits, and I say this as someone who was ignored a lot as a child. EVERYONE SHOULD be given a chance to be able to express them self. However that’s not the point of this post. Like the title states, I am going to talk about school censorship. Specifically internet censorship.

I’m not sure how it goes in schools in other countries, but here in Victoria and quite likely the rest of Australia, schools and their IT departments have a habit of blocking “inappropriate” websites. Inappropriate being a term I use very loosely. At some stage, most of the people in my class have been restricted by blocked websites. All of me is sure that the process that goes into restricting what students can and can not see on the school computers is:

“Okay lets check out this website”, “Nothing seems wrong” “Oh wait, that’s an add and ads can lead to viruses” “LET’S BLOCK IT!”

That sounds about right.

My question is why? Why do they need to restrict us from absolutely EVERY website? What purpose does it serve? The only things you really need to block to students is any kind of social media, porn or websites that can be used to procrastinate with.

Schools: I know you’re trying to make sure you’re students stay as productive as humanly possible but you really don’t need to block every website under the sun. If anything it’s just going to annoy students and bring their productivity down.


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I cannot go outside, I cannot abide by the social “Rules” “We” have set, the “Rules” “We” have “Agreed On”, I cannot do this because I am afraid. I am afraid what will happen as result, I am afraid of what insult will be slung at me because I WILL NOT conform to the “Rules” that people that have been and gone have set for me because that is not who I am. Who am I? I am afraid.

I am afraid of me, I am afraid of you I am afraid of everyone and should I be? NO. Why am I afraid of me? I am afraid of me because of you. I am afraid that if who I really am comes out and I cannot put him back where he really “belongs” that I will be ridiculed because he is who he wants to be and not what society tells him to be. The “perfect human” if you will. Well I won’t.

I will not simply stand here, sit here, roll here fly here while this is going on. I shall be afraid no more because who I am is more than just a glorified suggestion box filled to the brim ideas and opinions of who I should be when all I should be is facing the other way giving those people back the hand that slapped me across the face when I behaved differently.

I will not be afraid of




Just a little bit of back story on this piece. A friend of mine recently (as in today recently) introduced me to the collaboration website/company run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt called hit record. As I am so new to the site I cannot tell you an awful lot about it so I recommend you go check it out. Back to my point. This piece is what I wrote in response to the weekly writing prompt which was to write about a character encountering (but not necessarily facing) their greatest fear. Not knowing what exactly what I was going to write I gave it a crack and came up with this poetry type piece that I am actually really proud of.

To finish up. I hope you all like my piece and Highly recommend you check out hit record.

My Opinions #2: Sometimes you have to just deal with it.

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As I have come to remember quite recently that there will be always be people, situations and events that we have to just deal with. As I currently don’t feel like doing much I’m not going to go into detail about what occurred and prompted this realization, the main point is that I disagreed with the way someone was doing something. I didn’t directly express my feelings about what was going on, I just suffered (not really) in silence and rode it out. Hence the topic of the post.

As much as we would like to think so or as calm as we like to say we are we will always disagree with something. It is very unlikely, NO it’s impossible to agree with everything that people around us do, think and/or say. Every one has their own opinions and ways of doing things and because we can’t (and shouldn’t have to) conform to everyone’s beliefs, they’re going to annoy people in someway shape or form.This goes both ways. There will be times where people will quite openly dislike they way you do something and it’s probably going to annoy the life out of you.

When these situations come along, you just have to be calm about it. Because they’re so common you’re going to need to know how to deal with the situation in a way that doesn’t make it worse. If you just go into one of these situations just thinking  “I’ll deal with it as it happens” or feel that arguing will solve the problem, you need to be ready for failure.

Side note: Regardless of how you go about it, there is always a possibility of tension afterward and the likely hood the result isn’t going to be a good one. Be responsible for your actions. Once everything is all said and done, regardless of the outcome it’s partly your doing that this situation has come about.

Our Greatest Glory.

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Glory“Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall” – Confucius.

This quote has recently come into my life (for some reason I’ve made it sound sentient) and it has absolutely made me think hard about somethings because to me it’s truly inspirational. A view that often makes its way into people’s heads is that we need to succeed in what ever what we do. I’m not sure why we think it but we just do. Do we really need to succeed all the time though? Failing and or falling down (often the same thing) is what makes us human. It makes those times when we succeed so much better because we have to work for it.

When ever we fall it always feels easier to lay down and pull the blanket of defeat over our self. It’s those times where we really need to remember quotes like this. I know what it feels like to succeed under the watch of defeat. It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You feel as though that everything is over then and there and that it can’t possibly get any better. Then all of a sudden it happens. We achieve what we were working for. We over come the odds and the prospect of defeat.

There are a few things this quote teaches us. It teaches us that it IS okay to fail and that getting up after failure is always the best option. So remember this quote. Use it to guide you to true glory!


Social Acceptability.

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As much as people (and me sometimes) would like to think otherwise, there IS ACTUALLY people around us in this world of ours. I strongly believe that everyone should be allowed to be their own person and to an extent do what ever they want, but it really confuses me to why people behave as though there’s no one around them. I seriously doubt that anyone (that is not vision impaired) has the inability to realize that there is people around them and that where they are might just be in the wrong place to do what ever it is they are doing. Based off my opinion’s, here are something’s to keep in mind when around other people.

  1. People may not want to hear your conversation: As exciting as the conversation might be, not everyone wants to hear it. It is not at all exciting to have someone around you talking too loud and on top of that I have known people have felt uncomfortable about the fact that (intentionally or not) they can hear someone else’s conversation.
  2.  Please dress appropriately: By no means should you let anyone force you into wearing or not wearing a certain piece of clothing but if you’re going to wear a tight shirt on short shorts people will look at you and or have a problem with it. If you plan on going somewhere or doing something that requires you to wear inappropriate clothing or a lack of clothing all together, maybe cover your self up a little when you’re en route to your activity or destination.
  3. DON’T have alcohol open in a public place (with the exception of sporting arenas and restaurants etc.): Not to long ago, I was on my way home from school when a man with a bag alcohol got onto the bus. This on it’s own was alright. He didn’t have it out and wasn’t consuming it. The problem was that was open. I could tell this because I could see that the cooler bag he had the alcohol in was leaking all over the floor of the bus getting on some people’s belongings and making the floor sticky. Regardless of whether it’s in your hand or out of view. PLEASE DON’T take open alcohol into a public space.
  4.  Adapt behaviour to your situation: This in a way goes hand in hand with no. 1&2 in the fact where you’re your own person and can do what ever you want, but you need to be smart when it comes to how you behave in certain situations. I have seen situations where people who are generally more dominant or opinionated than most and the “clash” with someone who is similar in that aspect and or they have a  disagreement about what they’re talking about often ending quite badly. I understand that in some situations it can seem to and actually be quite hard to read, but if you just strand back and listen to what’s going on you can act accordingly/appropriately. AND you can go back to behaving how ever you please when you’re in a different situation so that’s an upside.
  5. Accept the fact that some people just wont agree with you: This is a point that I have made before in it’s own post, how ever I think it’s something that still needs to be made clear to some people. The one major thing about an opinion is the fact that not everyone is going to agree with it. Sometimes people will agree with it or agree with some parts and disagree with others, but most of the time it’s likely that people are going to disagree. This point is sort of two in the fact that I’m suggesting that you don’t force your opinions on someone because they’re likely to not agree and to not get put off if/when they don’t agree. Someone disagreeing with you doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it plainly and simply means its not what they think.

Like I stated at the start, these are my opinions and not by any means rules or policies that you HAVE to follow. They are simply suggestions I have made based of my opinions and observations of social situations.

Gender Equality Oral Presentation.

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The following is an oral presentation on Gender Equality I wrote and presented for my year 12 English class.

The topic I shall be talking about today is gender equality.

Before I lose your attention I would like you to do something for me. I would like you not to face me but to face the people at your table and to face your class mates around you. As you sit here looking around at each other, you sit there as a class. You sit there as friends. You sit there as equals.

Every day people of all ages both male and female are teased and or discriminated against because of their gender. Young and teenage girls are told what to do what wear and how to behave, they are not included in supposed male activities and have their opinions ignored simply because they are female. Young and teenage boys have to like and wear supposed manly colours, enjoy and play sport and at all times have to be strong and composed. As much as I would like to say otherwise, gender discrimination DOES continue to happen after the teenage years and into adulthood. Men do all the hands on jobs and all the heavy lifting while women to all the smart people behind the scenes jobs and get paid less for it. Are these ideas and concepts correct, accurate or acceptable? No. Plainly and simply, NO. Why such gender based assumptions are even around today eludes me and the fact the people live by and agree with them disgusts me. People regardless of their age and gender should be allowed to do what they want, wear what they want, believe what they want and enjoy what they want and be paid based on their job and not on their gender.

Lets take a trip to the Middle East and again look around at your class mates. Half of you go to school whilst the other half are not even allowed to dream of an education. Half of you go out and work for money whilst the other of you stay home cooking and cleaning not to make money but to make sure that the rest of the family have food to eat and clean clothes for the next day. Half you are strong and superior whilst the other are ignored and unimportant. It does not take much thought to figure out how these groupings are decided. It takes very little thought to figure out that these groups are split into male and female. Although such thoughts exist in certain places in a handful of countries, saying it’s less of an issue is in my opinion completely incorrect. Gender inequality is a serious issue regardless of where it is and how often or how much it happens.

For those who may be asking why gender inequality is such a problem and why we so often hear about why a change NEEDS to be made, just imagine that you’re being left out of activities amongst your friends because your name starts with  the letter F or you were born on a Saturday. Along side gender based discrimination it’s absolutely outrageous.

An article posted on the website theconversation.com on November the 17th states “In 2010, single men’s wealth was on average 23% higher than single women’s wealth holdings.” and that this is double of what it was in 2002. An article published on the website Dailylife.com.au in reference to Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and her thoughts on gender equality adds emphasis to these statistics stating that “this is astonishing, especially when you consider that young women are more likely than young men to go to university.”

Finally in the same article, the writer Senator Larissa Waters states “the courageous women I know who are loudly, proudly advocating for equal rights and opportunities for women are certainly not “whingeing” – they are feminists, they are leaders and they should be applauded for their work.”

Anyone can join the movement toward the gender equality whether directly involved or not and you most certainly do not have to be female. Progress can come from anywhere, anyone and at anytime in various shapes and sizes ranging from anyone spreading the word in any way they can all the way to Emma Watson making a speech in front of the UN.

Regardless of who you are, where you live or how much you get paid, you CAN help gender equality become more world-wide.

Thank you.