AOW’s last post.

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I am sad to say these words but this is the last post on AOW.

I have only just put up the first post on The Word Board and although I am happy to be posting on my new blog I am definitely sad for things here on AOW are coming to an end.

Although this is the last post here on the blog, I am definitely not letting the AOW name be forgotten. I hope to use it or similar names for other things in the future as I attempt to explore other kinds of content creation. Developing my skills in a career I love under a name I love, I couldn’t possibly think of something more exciting.

Again I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed my ramblings here.

Don’t be sad though, the party SHALL continue. Follow me to The Word Board  for posts like the ones you have come to know and love and help me along as my content improves.

If you could stop by in your free time and give it a look maybe even click the follow button it would mean the world to me.

The Word Board’s first post:


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For two years now An Opinionated World has been the place (other than my brain) that my thoughts go and it’s full of posts composed of ideas that came to mind literally right as I was writing it. Over the past two years AOW has become like a child to me taking up a great amount of time and filling me with happiness and joy as I watched grow. However sadly as all good things must do, it is time for AOW to come to end. I want to say a massive thankyou to all the people who have followed me and read my posts in this time, a massive thankyou to all the friends I have dragged into this journey with me and read all my posts that i sent you one million times over and then some and thank you to all the people I have worked with in any way during my time with AOW, it was truly amazing. This WILL be my second last post on AOW. So until then I say goodbye.

Goodbye. BUT not forever. DEFINITELY NOT forever. I just couldn’t give up on blogging, it’s far too fun to stop. Let me explain myself and try to make sense of my point. More recently I have been trying to improve my writing making it more structured and more serious and to do that I decided that I was going to just delete all the posts I didn’t like and move on, but I couldn’t do it. I have way too much fun over the past two years to just get rid of everything I have done so I came up with this idea instead. The idea is that AOW will still be here so anyone who finds it can read the posts or if anyone wants to go back and re-read anything they can and as well as that I will make a new blog to host all my new content.

The new blog I will be posting things on is called The Word Board and if you wish to do so you can visit it by clicking the link. I don’t suggest you go there expecting it to have some new content because it doesn’t have anything just yet (Not even a sub-title. Yes I don’t even have a sub-title), but none the less you can still go and click follow and I will appreciate you so very much. In terms of what content I’ll be putting out and where, it will more or less be the same (lie). In all seriousness though like always I will try to be on a computer (or other internet capable device) creating content as much as I can and if I feel it’s “Serious” enough  (in my own special way) it will go up on the new blog, and if not I will post it on the Facebook page. Unlike me creating a blog for the new stage in my career, I WILL NOT be creating a new Facebook page. What I will be doing however is continuing to post content on the Facebook page, just under a slightly newer name. That way people can see old and new content all in one convenient place. It took me far too long to make my Facebook page look as good as it is now and regardless of its below 100 follower count I am rather proud of it.

As weird as I am probably making it sound, the life of my blog thus far hasn’t been all that different to the early life of a child. It was brought into this world after planning and great thought and after time has gained a voice. Now in this next step it’s as if I have enrolled my theoretical child in school so it can learn to use its voice wisely and hone its abilities. I couldn’t possibly give up now. It would be like treating a 5-year-old as if they had just turned 18 telling them to go off in the world and be their own person.

To bring that goodbye to a close, I would like to say a massive thankyou to EVERYONE… Without you all I couldn’t possibly have had as much fun with blogging as I have so far.

Thank you and goodbye (for now).

P.S My last post (I didn’t forget) will be a link to the very first post on the new blog once it has been set up and I pen to paper… Fingers to keyboard. I think you get what I mean (once I finally write something).

22 things to do while waiting for a delayed flight.

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Trying to fly into an airport that’s closed generally means that you’re flight is going to be delayed (who would of thought), so while I wait for my flight here’s a list of things you could possibly do whilst waiting for a flight.

  1. Nothing.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Look in the various airport shops.
  4. Find something to eat.
  5. Look int the various shops again.
  6. Buy something you probably don’t need only for the sake of buying it at the airport.
  7. More nothing.
  8. Play I spy.
  9. MORE nothing.
  10. TRY to be patient.
  11. Check if your plane is ready.
  12. Fail at being patient.
  13. Check if your plane is ready.
  14. Maintain your sanity at all cost.
  15. Do laps of the airport.
  16. Take pointless selfies (see example).  
  17. Talk to randoms.
  18. Write a blog post.
  19. Create a blog for your blog post.
  20. Play pointless phone games.
  21. Charge your phone (because you played too much of your pointless game).
  22. Check if your plane is ready.

Although the listed ideas may not be the best, most of them I’ve done in the time ive been waiting so far and they’ve done their job.

Question: what do you do while waiting for a flight? 


AOW Chat!: Update.

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AOW Chat is now a thing Ladies and Gents! If you look at the screen grab below or on the second widget from the bottom on the right sidebar (if you’re currently reading this on my blog), you will see that I’ve added the widget that allows me to talk Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.02.19 pm

to all of you amazing people!!! I love interacting with people who follow me whether it be about my blog directly or the topic I chose to write on so I was really happy when i realised you could do this. You can access the chat when on my blog or by going directly to and entering “aowchat” into the text box and clicking join to join the fun.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Good things come to well-behaved people! 

I have added this option so people can talk to each other about the topics and I know a key part of having an opinion is discussing other people’s opinions, but PLEASE don’t go starting any fights! Anyone being racist, sexist or rude/ignorant in any way will be removed or may cause me to start the chat fresh. I LOVE talking to you all so please PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Don’t make me have to do that.

This should be a fun new thing for my blog and hopefully a way to make it more exciting causing people to come back and stay longer so if you enjoy it, as always please tell your friends, family or anyone else you may or may not be sharing some air with at any one time…. I HIGHLY appreciate it. :)

A White Guy Walks Into A Black Church…

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Originally posted on Properly Ridiculous:

A white man walks into an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina; he sits in a pew during a bible study for an hour before taking it upon himself to take the lives of nine people. 6 females and 3 men;  four of them reverends, died in a building that should be a safe haven – for any reason on any day of the week.

A place of joy and togetherness was turned into a shooting range brought on by nothing more than hate and ignorance. The oldest victim was 87 years old, the youngest, 26.

The facts will remain facts and opinions will run ramped. We’ll see news coverage with the shooter’s face plastered for all to see. The conversation will focus on what prompted the murders, what the victimizer’s childhood was like & we’ll hear how people perceived him.

It’s the same story, a different day. When…

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Good and bad.

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Today I want to share with you one positive and one negative thing I have heard about today.

As people may know just this past Wednesday night local time, the Mother Emanuel Church (Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church) in Charleston South Carolina  became subject to violence and terror. On this night 21-year-old Dylan Roof shot and killed 9 people. Severe physical, emotional and psychological damage was dealt as the US falls victim to yet another horrible gun related crime. So far filled with negativity and sadness, this is definitely not where I’m going to end this story.

Just today only three days after the tragic event Mother Emanuel opened it’s doors once again for Sunday Service. As 400 people both black and white filled the church to remember those lost on the dreadful night. Together those proud Americans showed the rest of the country and the world that they will continue to stand together and get past the racism and hate filled people of the world.

That was just one of the things made me happy today.


The bad.

Or better yet,

The just plain stupid.

The town of Wetherhill in New South Wales definitely left the rest of the Australian people in a state of shock as we hear the saddening news of a fight at a child’s birthday party. A little girl’s Uncle and other family members were savagely beaten as they tried to intervene after just moments prior a man pulled on the girl’s pony tail and threatened to kill her. To be totally honest, after Please just use your words, I thought pointless family violence couldn’t get much worse. I was wrong.

This is a children’s party for god’s sake!!! The violence was probably in that situation based off the fact that the man who threatened the girl started the fight, but why anyone would come to a CHILD’S birthday party and want to do anything of the sort completely astounds me.

For more on both stories:

Mother Emanuel opens its doors:

Pointless children’s birthday brawl:

Jurassic World Movie Review. No Spoilers (I hope).

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I like to think of myself as a considerate guy so the following movie review WILL NOT have any spoilers, I think.

My father and I just came home from seeing the new Jurassic World movie and man was it incredible! Admittedly I’ve only ever seen the first Jurassic Park movie before seeing this movie but luckily this isn’t one of those movies where you need to see the ones before it.

Jurassic World takes place 22 years after Jurassic Park and as the name insinuates is a movie about a dinosaur themed amusement park located on the island Isla Nublar as envisioned by John Hammond. When the park’s visitor rates start to drop, the park’s lab creates a new attraction for the park leading to a spoiler and not a spoiler at the same time moment in shit completely hitting the fan. After attempts to contain the insane hybrid fail the Islands 22,000+ guests scramble for safety.

My thoughts of the movie; I really enjoyed it. Because there was always something going on there were very few moments where something could happen or a dinosaur could pop out and scare the absolute life out of you. Because the island had 20,000 people on it compared to Jurassic Parks substantially smaller number, the movie was slightly predictable. Dinosaurs on the loose around that many people… Not overly hard to figure out what’s going to happen.

All in all I rate it as a good movie for any family to see. Although due to a decent amount of blood/gore and the occasional obscenity here and there, I recommend any young children under 15 be left at home.

My rating: 7/10

An inept note taker’s guide to taking notes.

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A quick bit of backstory for you (so quick I originally misspelled quick): Up until now, I have been rather notorious for being terrible at taking notes because of which I have on a number of occasions fallen behind in my school work. Today however in one of my classes (all it takes is one), I have started to take effective notes and feel motivated to continue at my current rate. This in term (hopefully a short one) will lead to me doing so in all my classes.

As an experienced procrastinator turned note taker I thought I would put together a list of my new note taking technique (in no particular order.

  • Don’t take EVERYTHING down: When taking notes you can tend to feel that you need to take down every single word that is in front of you either on the board or in your textbook. I guarantee you that on a number of occasions that will be the wrong way to go about it. Ignore all the stuff that you don’t need and take the notes that you feel will best help you.
  • Use Graphs and Colours: Taking in notes in two different colours or even one plain colour can get boring really quickly.
    Using more than one colour can catch the attention of the eyes and mind meaning bright colours can effectively be used to highlight important pieces of information. On top of using colours, graphs can make notes more interesting and also give you another way to take in information without having to read mountains of text.
  • Make it fun: I know that it feels like note taking is impossible to make fun but it is doable. I managed to do it today myself. If it requires taking notes in excessive amounts of colours, drawing pictures to go along with you notes, random sticky noting or anything else, if it makes not taking fun do it. If note taking starts to become fun, I guarantee your notes will become increasingly effective.
  • GET IT DONE: Procrastination sounds like a good idea most of the time (trust me I know this), but if you just get through your notes and finish them before you have to, it’s an absolutely amazing feeling. Getting notes done as soon as possible can lead to a massive feeling of achievement afterward and more motivation to complete other work in your now free time.
  • Get help: If you have no idea what it is you’re taking notes on, you might as well not take any notes at all. Ask your teacher or one of your friends (with some spare time) to explain the topic to you and it will make a whole lot more sense.

There are so many techniques out there for effective note taking, so much so that full articles have been written on the topic more times than I can remember, these (above) are the techniques I am using at the moment.

This post was written in my first legitimate piece of free time in years.

How To Make Sure Your Blog Stays Successful

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As a blogger trying to increase my reader count it’s posts like this that help a but load! What makes it so much better is the fact that it’s short and sweet. Long in depth posts have a lot of beneficial information, but reading it can often be intimidating….

I highly recommend you check out this post and the amazing blog it goes with!

Originally posted on The Twenty Something Social Recluse:

If you’re reading this the likelihood is you already run a blog. Many people today have their own blogs, as there are many different benefits. Whether you’re a student, a business or a singer, a blog can benefit you in many different ways. For instance, it can;

– Help you to reach a wide audience
– Connect you to others with similar interests
– Keep your audience updated with business/personal developments
– Share your knowledge with others
– Make you money!

All of these things can benefit you personally, and there are various ways to help your blog be as successful as it possibly could be. Here are three ways to help your blog become successful;

– Write short posts. Most people who read content online are used to jumping from snippet to snippet, so they expect posts to be written in easy, digestible chunks. Posts between 300 or 600…

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Update: Double the trouble.

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Pretty please go check out my new page here Double the trouble, being a new page and a page about my new novel it’s rather important to me. If you have any spare time I would appreciate it massively if you could give it even a quick look.

Thank you :)