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Lucy is the greatest

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i have this friend

she’s an almighty goddess

i bow down to her

she’s pretty great

her derp faces are the best

and she’s sort of single sort of not

so boys, put your names on a list and take a number, you’re gonna be here for a while


The Social Network dream.

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So the social network is currently on television as I am writing this. For those who may not know, the social network is a movie about all the antics the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got up to whilst building the famed website. The movie shows Zuckerberg building a website called Face Smash for which he hacked Various Harvard school websites to obtain photos for his website. After launching the risky he gained 22,000 views in the four hours that it took to crash the Harvard University network. After being caught for hacking and building what was seen as an inappropriate website and being disciplined for it, the movie depicts all the some what interesting things he gets up to wanting to build the website after being approached by some school mates who had a similar website idea they wanted his help on. As this post is not directly about the movie I’m not going to summarize anymore of the movie so you can watch it with out me spoiling it for you.

My actual point with all of this is that it’s stuff like that inspires me to keep going, to keep working hard on obtaining my life goals. Mark Zuckerber built a successful website  (or at least the foundation of one) in just over a month and shortly after launching the site had more than six hundred followers. Six hundred followers doesn’t seem like a lot of views in reference to a website following but as a reference, I have been writing and working on my blog for more than a year and don’t even have more than 100 followers.

We can’t all be a technology wizz with incredible programming and coding skills, but this movie and the story behind it proves that anyone can make something out of an idea and turn it to something great, all you need to do is have an idea and roll with it. Never give up on it and make it what you want to make it.

YOU sir are the Bastard

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Enter Clive Palmer. For all those who either don’t live in Australia and or may not know whom exactly Clive Palmer is he is a Australian Politician/ Political activist on top of being a bit of an idiot. I’m not going to go as far as calling him a bigot, but he has a serious problem of not putting a filter between his brain and his mouth. On multiple occasions Clive has said exactly how he feels about someone or something and later backed it up saying he 100% agrees with what he said COMPLETELY failing to realize that it has before and will continue to offend numerous amounts of people.

Mr Palmer’s most recent case of stupidity was most unfortunately on live television  on the ABC TV show Q and A. After being aggravated a Chinese company’s actions in Australia  had a bit of a spray at the company without making it obvious that it was directed towards them instead of the country as a whole. As well as calling the country’s government “mongrels”, with great confidence and conviction he said “I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them from doing it”.

Clive tweet
(Mr Palmer’s tweet attempting to justify his choice of words)

So he has TRIED to justify what he has said and apologize for it. Does this change what I think about him and his actions? No… Not one bit. Regardless if you are a politician, a homeless person or the Queen of England, you are 100% accountable for what you say and CAN’T go on TV and say/do something as daft as this and expect that nothing is going to happen to you because of it. Q and A is all about the various guests A’ing the Q’s asked by the audience and fans on social media with their thoughts and opinions, but saying something like Mr Palmer did is not acceptable. Being on live television can make it difficult to think about every word you say before you say it but if you’re going to say something that could possibly put you in a sticky situation, you are most likely to know before it does happen. If you’re going to say stuff that could possibly offend any amount of people, please don’t be on TV or on the radio when you say it. That goes for everyone not just the politicians that aren’t likely to read this.


Haven’t posted in a while/ Update.

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The last time that I successfully sat down and wrote and posted something was on the 31st of July which is something that really doesn’t float my boat. However, since then I have consistently not had any ideas of anything to write about. I admittedly do not have any ideas at this current time also do not have any ideas, BUT I just CANT go almost a month with out posting anything so I thought I would give you an update on some of the changes I have made to my blog quite recently.

Recently the lovely people over at the Night Cap radio show decided they wanted to start showing their support to businesses or websites belonging to people in their fan base and made a magnificent looking logo type image to do so. I wanted to add this image to my site but I had no idea what so ever about how to do it, then I thought to my self “why not make a page for it”. It was the perfect idea since I already had some other people supporting my blog in their own ways, so I gathered all their logos and with a short bio about them I stuck it all on a page.


To see this new page you can click the following link or you can click the “My supporters” button at the top of the page (example above). If you would like to show some support in return for a spot on the My supporters page please leave a comment on the my supporters page so we can discuss a way to get in contact or contact me via any of the methods on my About page.


Treat ‘em right.

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I don’t do dedications. I haven’t done one before and I’m not likely to do many more any time soon, but quite recently a very close friend of mine has gone through a lot of un-required stress and it I don’t like having to watch it happen. So this is for that special someone out there whom I hope knows this is for her. FEEL BETTER PLEASE :D.

ALL jokes aside, females can be rather confusing at times. It’s a well know fact (even to females). Females are very much different to us male folk, they behave MUCH differently, they express their emotions differently, they go through and deal with problems differently. They just generally go about life differently. Males just can’t understand what a female goes through not even close. If you’re a male and you claim to understand how females think and behave 100% I’m going to have to call you a liar. I can not honestly say that anyone is going to completely know how females think and behave. This how ever is NOT in ANY way shape or form a reason to treat females like they’re not important. Males are no more important than females are so guys, don’t go around acting like your better cause you got man bits instead of girl bits. With out females the world most definitely wouldn’t as far advanced as it is so to help show some real appreciation for our other half, I have comprised a a short(ish) list of things guys can do to make a female feel more appreciated.

  • ACTUALLY have a conversation. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, niece or daughter, instead of just nodding and agreeing with them when they talk at you. Ask them how there day was, how they’re feeling or even if there’s anything you could do to make their day even the slightest bit better. Even though for some unknown reason you may not be in the mood, I guarantee you that any female would be even that little bit happier if you show some interest so even if you’re way out of your depth and what they’re saying may not make sense to you, if you just try your best they’ll be happy.
  • Compliment them. Compliments can go a long way with females. You don’t need to think of some long winded poem type compliment (every now and again may be good though), tell them that you like what they’re wearing or what they have done with their hair.
  • Do what they want to do. I know guys out there like to be all tough and manly and like to keep this image of your self going but for once just do something that special female in your life wants to do. It may not even be a majorly female activity, just ask her what she wants to do and JUST DO IT. Everyone likes to be able to choose what they get to do.
  • Spoil them once in a while. Give them chocolates, give them a massage or even pay for it to be professionally done.

There are MANY more ways to treat a female right. The examples I have chosen are just general ideas and may not work for every single females in the world, what makes your significant other (or any other special female in your life) feel good and/or appreciated will most likely differ to what makes your next door neighbor feel good, that’s why it’s open to interpretation. You can do similar things but try to change it up here and there to keep the surprise going.

As my final point I just want to send a note out to all who decide to treat women like dirt. YOU NEED THEM! MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!! A female brought you into this world, a female helped feed and care for you and a female is going to help you continue your family line. If you treat females like shit for the rest of your life, there’s going to be NO ONE to help you when you’re down.

QOTD: who’s the significant female in your life?

It’s starting to piss me off!/ “Hacking”.

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Quick note: I may have covered this before as a part of a post or as a post of it’s own, but quite recently the frequency of this particular thing happening is starting to increase again after a brief cool of period and it annoys the hell out of me so I thought I’d post about it again.

DEAR ALL AVID SOCIAL NETWORKING USERS!!! When you leave your phone somewhere or leave one of your various accounts logged onto a device that isn’t yours and someone comes along and posts a selfie or something weird along the lines of “I like to play with dick” or “I’m in love with this person”, THAT IS NOT YOU GETTING HACKED. Firstly no one needs to know if you’ve been “hacked”, but that’s a different point for a different time. Let me use my COMMON SENSE!!!! to tell you why that IS NOT you getting hacked.

  1. If someone has ACTUALLY hacked you, they’re not going to make it blatantly obvious. Why? hmm I don’t know… BECAUSE IT’S A CRIME!!!! Which leads me to my second point.
  2. If you know for a fact that it’s your friend, they haven’t hacked you. What good would they get out of it?
  3. Because legitimate hacking is SLIGHTLY harder than popping onto the good old and typing in who/what you want to hack, there are only small amounts of legitimate hackers.
  4. 80% of the time, hackers are only going to hack something/someone if they have something to gain from it. A professional hacker is not going to hack your Facebook or Instagram page(regardless of how popular you are) unless for some unknown reason they can credit card details.

`Please, please PLEASE stop claiming to have been hacked, it’s just plain annoying. You saying you have been hacked like this is wrong (incorrect wrong not inappropriate wrong), it being  me feel obligated to correct you and correcting the same thing over and over tends to get annoying.

Note: As far as I know is not an actual website. Regardless if it is a website or not, I highly recommend not trying to access it.

QOTD: What’s something that is constantly happening that annoys you?

When to and not to show off.

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There is a time to show off and there is most definitely a time not to show off and as strange as it seems, those times are particularly easy to figure out. It’s okay to show off when what you’re showing off about applies to the situation you’re in, it’s not okay to show off at any other time.

Don’t get me wrong, showing off is an incredibly fun thing to do. However most people seem to do it at the wrong times. If you show off in a time where it’s not relevant to the situation or during a time where you probably shouldn’t, you’re just going to look like a dick.

If you’re at a funeral, it’s probably not the right time to mention how quickly you can chug a beer. Firstly it has no relevance to the situation and secondly (and most importantly) it’s an incredibly inappropriate time to show regardless of what it’s about. If you and a mate are at the gym and your mate says “Those muscles are getting pretty big bro”, that’s the right time to show off.

An important thing to remember though is that even if you’re showing off at the right time, it can still be annoying. Take my last example for instance. If you and your mate are at the gym and your mate shoots you a compliment, you can take a BRIEF!!!!! moment to show off. Don’t go on about how big your muscles are, the “incredible” work out you did to get them that way and how much the ladies love them. Showing off too much can get you equally punched in the face as showing off at the wrong time.

All of this aside, there is an exception to these rules. Every now and again you are likely to come across a person that just HATES showing off period. They hate it so much that who is showing off and what they’re showing off about doesn’t matter (not one bit). To summarize all that; don’t do it at the wrong time, don’t do it too much and don’t do it around people who are likely to get mad about it.

QOTD: what do you show off about?


Do you have a friend that shows off too much? If so what do they do?