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When to and not to show off.

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There is a time to show off and there is most definitely a time not to show off and as strange as it seems, those times are particularly easy to figure out. It’s okay to show off when what your showing off applies to the situation you’re in, it’s not okay to show off at any other time.

Don’t get me wrong, showing off is an incredibly fun thing to do. How ever most people seem to do it at the wrong times. If you show off in a time where it’s not relevant to the situation or during a time where you probably shouldn’t, you’re just going to look like an idiot.

If you’re at a funeral, it’s probably not the right time to mention how quickly you can chug a beer. Firstly it’s it has no relevance to the situation and secondly (and most importantly) it’s an incredibly inappropriate time to show regardless of what it’s about. If you and a mate are at the gym and your mate says “Those muscles are getting pretty big bro”, that’s the write time to show off.

An important thing to remember though is that even if you’re showing off at the right time, it can still be annoying. Take my last example for instance. If you and your mate are at the gym and your mate shoots you a compliment, you can take a BRIEF!!!!! moment to show off. Don’t go on about how big you’re muscles are, the “incredible” work out you did to get them that way and how much the ladies love them. Showing off too much can get you equally punched in the face as showing off at the wrong time.

All of this aside I have to let you know about the one exception to these rules. Every now and again you are likely to come across a person that just HATES showing off period. They hate it so much that who is showing off and what they’re showing off about doesn’t matter (not one bit). To summarise all that; don’t do it at the wrong time, don’t do it too much and don’t do it around people who are likely to get mad about it.

QOTD: what do you show off about?


Do you have a friend that shows off too much? If so what do they do?

Think before you act/ use your words.

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Problems happen, it’s that simple yet impossible to avoid. The good thing about an opinion is that you don’t have to agree with other people’s, but this is where we seem to go wrong. Depending on the opinion and how other people view it is what increases or decreases the likelihood of other people sharing their point of view or trying to the person that they’re “wrong”. Opinion’s can’t be wrong, they can be slightly more accurate than someone else’s point of view but it can only be classed as right or wrong if it starts to be presented as a fact instead of a point of view.

Naturally we’ll always think our opinion is right, Why wouldn’t we? If we didn’t believe that our opinion is right then it’s not OUR opinion, it just becomes another piece of information we store away in our brain. The problem is that as we start to feel more strongly about our opinions we are more likely to react when someone tells we’re wrong or presents a point of view that we don’t want to accept and it is becoming more common to react in a way we probably shouldn’t. Opinions can start heated discussions and high quality debates but they can cause some serious fights, I’ve seen and heard of situations where people believed that their opinion was right to the extent where they started to get abusive and or violent when someone disagrees with them. Is that REALLY how we should deal with our issues?

Violence is a dangerous tool to be using. We all know that all it takes to kill or fatally injure someone is ONE punch, ONE act that someone clearly didn’t think about before putting into action. If you’re having a disagreement with someone or someone has said or done something that you don’t particularly like or agree with don’t be stupid and do something you WILL regret, at least try to be civilized and deal with the issue in a way that is not going to hurt your self or others. USE YOUR WORDS!!!!!! Talk out it a like gentle people (gentlemen/gentlewomen) and figure out where it is that you disagree, there is a surprisingly high chance that you may agree with parts of each others points of view. Now when I say use you’re words I mean use them CAREFULLY. Although it is tempting (especially when sitting behind a computer) to just curse someone out and call them names when having a disagreement. Provocative verbal action (in this case swearing) WILL lead to physical action (in this cause getting violent) and you know what effect it will have when that starts to happen.

USE YOUR WORDS!!! It’s not worth doing something stupid to prove a point and if you think there’s a chance that violence can occur, back away from the situation. It’s also not worth being hurt to prove a point either. We DON’T need or want to loose any of earth’s beautiful people because of something as silly as a disagreement.

If you would like to see posts about a rather similar topic, feel free to head over to my friends blog and check out her latest posts.

My friends blog:

QOTD: how do you handle a disagreement?

P.s For all who may not know, QOTD stands for Question Of The Day. In attempt to get conversation going and to get people to share there opinions on the topic, I have started adding related questions that I would live to see your responses for. I love reading other peoples opinions so if there is something you want to say about the topic PLEASE feel free to share it in a comment.

I’m trying new things!!!

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I love writing for you guys and gals! It is currently what I like to do most when I have some free time to do something relaxing. As well as some other things I would like to do later on In life writing is most definitely, but not just blogging. As well as blogging I would LOVE to write novels. So much so that I am trying to write one as we speak (not quite). But both blogging and novel writing are not something you can just do well in the first few tries, it takes practice, a touch of failure and also some experience doing different styles of writing or writing for different things.

A good way for some of the younger writers to get some experience doing different styles and even getting your name out there for others to see would be asking one of your teachers (or whom ever organises it) if you could do a piece or so for your school’s magazine and/or newsletter. A school newsletter/magazine may be not a very popular (in terms of reader count) place to be publishing works but any experience can help you in some form.

To avoid waffling my point is that I’m doing some writing for my school’s magazine published at the end of year. Sadly I wont be able to advertise my blog in anyway but the whole concept of having my name in the cover or at the bottom of the piece(s) (depends on what the editors choose) means that if people enjoy my writing and come across my writing in any form sometime in the future, they may be more likely to read more or even tell their friends about it.

I have always wanted to write something for the school magazine so it should be a great time and I could get some extra experience of it which is a positive side.

QOTD: What pieces are you working on at the minute and is it going anywhere special (no spoilers, just a summary)?


Justin Bieber gets me views!!!

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(Photo: the all time view count for a handful of my posts)

In the past few months I have written about pop singer Justin Bieber three times; when he got arrested, an update about him getting arrested and just the other day about his probation and all that happy jazz. Although I do not enjoy having to spend the time reading about what silly things he has been doing to write the posts, but in the end it all becomes worth it.

If you take a gander at the photo above, at the very top it shows that my homepage/archives is currently the most viewed thing on my blog currently at 810 views. Below that is my update for Justin Bieber getting and the second most viewed thing currently sitting at 303 views.
(A quick fact, when I posted the update it only got about 30 or so views in the first month before later staring to get popular and is now ten times that).

Two below that is my original post about Bieber’s arrest currently at 36 views.And fifth from the bottom of the photo is my most recent post about the Biebs currently at 14 views. Although two of the three posts don’t have a particularly high view count, that’s three posts about Justin in my top 15 most viewed posts.

Justin’s silly behaviour and low quality decision making have come together to give me a total of 343 combined views. That’s a fair effort for me not liking the guy. Imagine how many extra views I could get if I was a die hard Belieber and posted about him constantly!

QOTD: what topic(s) have brought in the most views for you?

Or for the non bloggers,

What topic(s) do you like to read about the most?

Justin Bieber Update: Finally Gets What He Deserves.

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As we all know quite well, In the past few months “famous pop star” (my opinion) Justin Bieber has taken to making numerous bad choices. He has sped, been in possession of drug, urinated in a bucket, been racist, egged someone’s house and attempted robbery. The question at hand though is why am I writing about it? It’s well-known that I don’t like the Biebs let alone before he did all this stupid stuff, but what makes me happy with a capital H is that he is finally getting in trouble for it!

Yes he was arrested and was in jail for a short amount of time after the speeding and the drugs charges but since he has money and great management, he was able to make bail and was out of jail a short time after arriving their. On the upside Justin Bieber is FINALLY getting into some legitimate trouble after one of his bad decisions is coming back to bite him in the but. Earlier I mentioned that the Biebs decided it’d be a good idea to egg his neighbor’s house and last Wednesday was charged with a misdemeanor for it.

Beiber and his team of lawyers have entered a no-contest plea and the teen is now required to complete 5 days of community labor and anger management classes, stay at least 100 yards away from his neighbor and their family for two years, pay almost $80,900 in restitution and is also on a two-year probation. Bieber must also let his parole officer know if he is deported or otherwise leaves the country as stated by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Leland Harris.

Why am I so excited about this? Because karma that’s why. For months Justin has made numerous stupid decisions and has been behaving inappropriately and because of his money and smart talking law team he has been able get away with it. But this time Justin is not going to be able to pay his way through it (apart from the restitution). I am a big believer of  the idea that if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you in return and finally it’s catching up on Justin. Sure  he could be sent to jail again, but what good is that going to do? What good is giving him an easy out over and over and expecting it’s going to do him some good? I’m excited for this news because there is no possible way to buy your way out of probation and a restraining order.

Although it would have done Justin and everyone else a whole lot more good if this were the type of punishment the Biebs got for all his other wrong doings but this WILL the troubled singer some good. People have a tendency to change how they behave when something doesn’t go their way.

I greatly look forward to how this plays out in the future.

Tafe vs High school.

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NOTE: Close to three weeks ago I put up a post saying that I would be taking a break from blogging to work on novel-writing. Since posting this announcement I had been seriously considering taking back the update and getting back into posting. I wanted to use this break to work on my novel-writing but my love for both blog writing and novel-writing has left me in between a rock and a hard place deciding what to do. After a long thought process and an intelligent conversation with my good friend and writing partner, we came up with a solution that  allows me to do both. For the next few months I WILL be posting as well as novel-writing but I will only be posting about major news events and topics I feel strongly about.

And now down to business.

I have used this topic as an argument in a previous post, but conversations about this topic really peeve me so It’s become something I need to cover.

I have been involved (by other people’s doing, NOT mine) in and have overheard conversations about going to tafe vs going to high school and/or university. This conversation was not about them thinking about whether or no to go to tafe or not, this conversation about if high School is better than tafe. I do not believe this conversation is a conversation that can be had by most of the people who have it simply because it is unlikely that they have been in both situations let alone in a situation of coming close to failing school and hoping tafe is the answer.

In 60% of these types of conversations that I have heard one of the conversation participants has referred to tafe as being a lower quality institution (obviously paraphrased). People discussing whether or not  a school or tafe is better than another in one area or another is a common occurrence and is perfectly fine but people putting down the quality of another school or tafe is inappropriate and SHOULD NOT happen.

The of both institutes bust their buts trying to make sure the students in their classes now the required material so that they can do well in exams to get a good ATAR score and so on and so forth and to just shame them with out even meeting them is as wrong as answering a maths equation with false. I’m a big believer of everyone being allowed to have and share their opinion, but in my book it is impolite and incorrect to use that power to shame or put down someone. ESPECIALLY someone you have never met before.

I am going to talk about why neither school or tafe is better than the other.

Yes one place may have more qualified or experienced teachers and YES one of the two my be better at one or more particular areas of learning…. but it’s not the staff or even the institution itself that matters (in terms of this argument. I’m not trying to put anyone down), it’s the students. From the start of the year up until the end of last week I was enrolled in a year 11 Biology class and had one of the most experienced teachers our school has as a teacher, but who can guess how well I did? I did absolutely terrible. How well someone does at school SOLELY depends on how well the student can learn. If a student is incredibly un focused and distracted there is a chance that not even some of the best teachers around can fix it. NO school or tafe has a guaranteed success rate, success is based on how much effort a person puts into a task or situation.

That one statement is the single best piece of information I will ever share with you simply because it is completely true and can be applied to ALL aspects of life, not just school.


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Hey Chums,

Recently I have made a rather big decision. It’s not a decision I wanted to make, however it’s a decision i feel i had to make. I’m not quitting, not yet at least. I AM however going to take a break. In the future the main way I want to make money is novel writing and more recently I haven’t been doing any novel writing at all. If I want to get good enough to make money from it I’m going to have to take the time to hone my skills. I would very much love to blog and write my novel at the same time, but with other stuff going on in my life at the moment (school and such), it’s just not something I can do. On the upside, in just under a month from today I will be and school holidays and on that day blogging will resume.

I hate having to leave you high and dry like this, but as well as improving my novel writing this break may give me sometime to improve the quality of my posts.

Talk to you all again in a month.

Yours always,
~Admin O