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I support #HeForShe

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For those who may not know about He For She or what it is or what it stands for, it is a feminism movement started by the United Nations that has become popular in recent months after a truly inspirational speech was made by famous female actress Emma Watson. In the first few minutes of her speech Emma states that “the more I’ve spoken about feminism, the more I have realised that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating…” and it is very true. Shortly later she says  “For the record, feminism, by definition, is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” and it is this definition that is quite often ignored.

Feminism is NOT man hating. Over the years there has been a number of female feminists that may not necessarily have started that way but became rather radical about the cause and because of this supporting feminism has become something that is somewhat taboo amongst society. EXACTLY like Emma said, feminism is men and woman being treated as equals. Feminism is woman being treated the same as males and being afforded the same rights as males and it is sadly true when later in her speech she states that “there is no one country in the world where all women can expect to receive these rights. No country in the world can yet say that they have achieved gender equality.”

The He For She campaign aims to take males who either don’t know what feminism is or those who know what it is and choose to do nothing for it or to support and to inform that supporting feminism is NOT bad like some people have said it is so that they can aid or show support for political movements/efforts to put a stop to domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault against women.

To those who don’t yet or still wish not to support feminism I would like to ask you favour. Don’t listen to what people have to say about feminism. Actually do listen, but don’t base your opinion off what one single person is saying whether it be good or bad about it. If you base your thoughts or opinions off what one person has to say about it it’s NOT your opinion, it’s theirs. Listen to multiple people, do some research, have a conversation, do what ever you want… But don’t base your opinion off one person’s opinion or one piece of information because if you talk about it based off one opinion alone, you may be advocating for a side or belief that you may not agree with or one that may not be accepted amongst many people.

Why do I support He For She and other feminist ideas? Simply because it’s what I think is right. Firstly everyone should be afforded the same rights whether you’re male, female, black, white, yellow or pink with purple stripes on the inside, if you live on this earth I will try my best to treat you as equal to me and everyone else around me. Secondly because the agreement on one topic can lead to the agreement on other topics. The current topic in the sights of the population is gender equality. If/when we make an agreement on gender equality we can move onto things like marriage equality and racial equality. An agreement on one topic quite possibly lead us to find out that people have similar beliefs on the similar topics as well as the fact that we can take ideas used on gender equality and apply it to other things when the world’s spot light is set on them.

So yes I support feminism. I’m not a feminist and am most definitely not a radical, I am just a 17-year-old writer who greatly enjoys spreading the word trying to make the world the best place it can possibly be filled with the best people they can possibly be. Like I stated in my fourth paragraph I do not by any means recommend that you base your opinion solely off what I said because although I have tried my best to use other source information to write this, this is MY opinion and not fact, rules or guide lines.

So to finish up I would just like to say that I am PROUDLY number 71,482 of the current 181,347 males (as of 9:10 pm 24th of October 2014) who support the He For She movement.

If you would like to learn more about He For She on how to show support or any other areas visit for all the information you could possibly need.

Question of The Day: Do you support feminism? Why/Why not?

I met Derek Landy/ end of an era (of sorts)/ Skullduggery Pleasant review

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For all those who may not know, Derek Landy is a popular UK-based author and the genius mind behind best-selling series Skulduggery Pleasant. Skulduggery Pleasant is a series about a girl named Stephany Edgley who gets involved in a life of mystery and adventure after her uncle, a famous author passes away. At his funeral, Stephany very briefly notices a mysterious looking man who no one can honestly say they have met before. A man named Skulduggery Pleasant. Later that night Stephany is having a look around the house left to her by her uncle when a man comes to the house and proceeds to attack Stephany, the man from the funeral then comes in a proceeds to engage the attacker throwing a fireball and then shooting him. During the short confrontation Skulduggery’s hat, wig and glasses come off revealing that somehow he is a living skeleton. In that moment Stephany never knew that she would go on to be involved in countless fights, battles of magic and numerous other situations you would only exist in movies or books.

To be totally honest and straight forward, the Skulduggery Pleasant series has been one of my favourite book series I have read in the past few years. I found the series about two to three years ago when the first book was one of the choices of  books we could read for a series of work we were about to undertake in English class. I ended up choosing a different book but later went back to the first book when I needed something to read. Admittedly I only made it about 30 pages into the book the first time before I put it down again. A year later when I was in between book series, I picked up the first book again and decided to give it another go. Little did I know it would be a book series that would later take up many hours of my reading time. I built up a great love for the series as a I read the second, third and fourth books in quick succession and greatly enjoyed reading how the characters developed and became cooler and more exciting as the series progressed. After reading the fifth, sixth and seventh books I had caught up Derek  and read the 8th book and greatly enjoyed it. When I turned over the last page and read that there will only be one more book, I was both excited and sad at the same time, that was early November last year. Eight LONG months passed when the final book came out on August the 28th and as SOON as I saw it I bought it. And MAN was it a great way to conclude such an incredible series.

Due to some other factors I was not able to spends large amounts of time to read and finish this book so it took me about 4 weeks to finish but regardless of how long it took me to finish it I enjoyed each and every page of it. At first when I  realized that he was bouncing between 2 different points of story (NO spoilers ahead) I was a little put off at first when I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on and where Derek was going with it but as soon as it explained it self it made the book one of my favorites in terms of writing style as well as story line and content. To be honest it is a series that i am going to be sad to have to put down and have it come to a close. Although I can pick it up and read it again (and I plan on it in the near future) I greatly enjoyed reading it the first time and trying to picture it all in my head as well as trying to figure out the story-line and where it may go next as I read each book and although I know what happens in the series I hope it will be a feeling I can at least similarly replicate when I re read the series.

I can tell you for a fact that it was Monday the 6th of October at roughly 3:45 pm when I finished The Dying Of The Light and I can tell you that so easily because It was an hour or so later that I met Derek Landy. Yes I met Derek Landy. If you had asked me if I knew that I was going to meet him when I picked up the last book I probably would have called you crazy but when walking through a local shopping center all by my lonesome, as I walked past one of the book stores and noticed they had a sign up about Derek Landy and his books. Currently in the middle of the last book I stopped to read the sign and was OVERLY excited when I realized that Derek Landy was doing a book signing. Derek Landy! Doing a book signing at store local to me! I was absolutely ecstatic because as well as Derek being one of my favourite authors, his work on Skulduggery inspired me to do the writing I am currently doing (my novel). Conveniently the day was thee first day of school and I had a free last period so I was able to get on a bus and just go straight there.

When I got there I was like an absolute child! I was SO excited that I was going to meet Derek Landy and have sign my book. I was like a child in a candy shop for the first time ever. When I got there and noticed the line I was honestly quite calm, I was able to sit there and write while I was waiting for Derek to arrive and had scintillating conversation with the people around me (Skulduggery related and non related) but sadly and also rather hilariously it took me much longer than it should have to find the front of the line. I had originally thought that the signing would go on in the actual book store and the line was close to it but right as I was about to stand at the “end” of the line I realized that the sign for the signing and the table next to it was a more convenient place to have the event and went to stand at the correct end of the line.

Although the whole process took an hour and actually meeting him and him signing my book took about 5 minutes I had an awesome time. Whilst we were waiting Derek interacted with people waiting a couple of times and because he was ahead of schedule he started the signing 15 minutes early. He was such an amazing person to meet. He was confident and well spoken, funny and just an all around great guy.

To wrap this all up to avoid me babbling too much I am going to give y’all a question:

When was a time you met an idol of yours or who is your favourite author and why?

Thank you all and happy reading :)

Back to school work rush

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As much as I HATE that it’s true, school in most parts of Australia starts back up again on Monday which includes yours truly. As the start of each term closely approaches students there is always an influx of one thing, although the number of times the phrase “I hate my life” increases is A correct answer it’s not THE correct answer I’m looking for. As a new tern approaches believe it or not holiday homework ACTUALLY gets done. Shocking isn’t it!

Each and every school holidays whether it be at the start of the year or the holidays before the final term of the year, kids all around Australia, better yet kids all around the world putt of holiday homework for ALL kinds of reasons. Whether it be because they have numerous other things planned, procrastination is to contagious or they are just plain lazy, work gets put off till the second week of the holidays or more commonly the last few days before the holidays are over. Although a large chunk of my work for these holidays has been completed, I have in a small way put my self in this situation sadly not letting old habits die hard. The work I have left till now is only some English work that I could very easily get done in a short amount of time, I have yet again let the blasted “I can’t be bothered” and “I’ll get it done later” frames of mind get the better of me yet again.

To close this off I would like to rather ironically send out a message to all those who are reading this, have left work to do till now and have school on Monday; As much as I LOVE that you are reading this right now and I truly appreciate you for doing so, shut your computer or phone or iPad/iPod down and go get your work down. If you are at all anything like me, I can tell you that you would rather not deal with yelling teachers and or a detention on the first day back to school.

Happy studying :)

It’s the holidays, time to be productive!

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Anyone who knows me, loves me and or has to/tries to put up with me will know that the title for this post is generally something I would say or a phrase I live by, but sadly I just have too much to do these holidays to not live by it. I have new content coming out, projects to work on, homework to do for the start of the next school term, exams to study for, plenty of chores to do and school music auditions to practice for. As much as I would love to procrastinate like I usually do, I have to get all of that done.

Most of that stuff doesn’t require explanation and if I have anything I feel like saying about any of it you’ll most likely see it up on the blog in form of post, but I would like to take a moment to talk a bit about some of the writing I am doing at the moment:

  • A few months back I talked VERY briefly about a large project I am trying to start and sadly I can’t tell you about what it is just yet but that I can defiantly tell you a start is being made. I found my self in a situation where I was not able to start it when I would have liked a few months ago but I am now choosing to push through it and get it going. As soon as a I have something I can say about it I will most defiantly let you guys and girls know.
  • My group blog. That’s not something I have brought up in a while! I am happy to inform you that new content will be coming out on that page for you very soon.
  • Novel writing. I’m still working on my novel-writing, admittedly it’s not the same story as last time I talked about novel-writing but I have good feelings for this one and WILL be going back to the last one so if I can find the right motivation and working gear they should be a good chunk closer to being finished in the next few weeks.
  • Last and CERTAINLY not the least is my content her on the blog. Although I have plenty on my plate for this holidays I do intend on stepping up on the amount of content I release so please keep a keen eye out for that.

I haven’t really got a way to finish all that so I would just like to take this time to thank all of you that read my blog whether you’re a fellow opinionated and subscriber or you’re just stopping by because without y’all coming back constantly I would most definitely not have the motivation to keep doing this.

If you enjoy my stuff please feel free to give it a like, share it on social media or with people you know and leave a comment if you wish to join in the discussion and or feel like you have something important to add.

I greatly look forward to putting out more content for y’all.

Lucy is the greatest

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i have this friend

she’s an almighty goddess

i bow down to her

she’s pretty great

her derp faces are the best

and she’s sort of single sort of not

so boys, put your names on a list and take a number, you’re gonna be here for a while


The Social Network dream.

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So the social network is currently on television as I am writing this. For those who may not know, the social network is a movie about all the antics the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got up to whilst building the famed website. The movie shows Zuckerberg building a website called Face Smash for which he hacked Various Harvard school websites to obtain photos for his website. After launching the risky he gained 22,000 views in the four hours that it took to crash the Harvard University network. After being caught for hacking and building what was seen as an inappropriate website and being disciplined for it, the movie depicts all the some what interesting things he gets up to wanting to build the website after being approached by some school mates who had a similar website idea they wanted his help on. As this post is not directly about the movie I’m not going to summarize anymore of the movie so you can watch it with out me spoiling it for you.

My actual point with all of this is that it’s stuff like that inspires me to keep going, to keep working hard on obtaining my life goals. Mark Zuckerber built a successful website  (or at least the foundation of one) in just over a month and shortly after launching the site had more than six hundred followers. Six hundred followers doesn’t seem like a lot of views in reference to a website following but as a reference, I have been writing and working on my blog for more than a year and don’t even have more than 100 followers.

We can’t all be a technology wizz with incredible programming and coding skills, but this movie and the story behind it proves that anyone can make something out of an idea and turn it to something great, all you need to do is have an idea and roll with it. Never give up on it and make it what you want to make it.

YOU sir are the Bastard

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Enter Clive Palmer. For all those who either don’t live in Australia and or may not know whom exactly Clive Palmer is he is a Australian Politician/ Political activist on top of being a bit of an idiot. I’m not going to go as far as calling him a bigot, but he has a serious problem of not putting a filter between his brain and his mouth. On multiple occasions Clive has said exactly how he feels about someone or something and later backed it up saying he 100% agrees with what he said COMPLETELY failing to realize that it has before and will continue to offend numerous amounts of people.

Mr Palmer’s most recent case of stupidity was most unfortunately on live television  on the ABC TV show Q and A. After being aggravated a Chinese company’s actions in Australia  had a bit of a spray at the company without making it obvious that it was directed towards them instead of the country as a whole. As well as calling the country’s government “mongrels”, with great confidence and conviction he said “I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them from doing it”.

Clive tweet
(Mr Palmer’s tweet attempting to justify his choice of words)

So he has TRIED to justify what he has said and apologize for it. Does this change what I think about him and his actions? No… Not one bit. Regardless if you are a politician, a homeless person or the Queen of England, you are 100% accountable for what you say and CAN’T go on TV and say/do something as daft as this and expect that nothing is going to happen to you because of it. Q and A is all about the various guests A’ing the Q’s asked by the audience and fans on social media with their thoughts and opinions, but saying something like Mr Palmer did is not acceptable. Being on live television can make it difficult to think about every word you say before you say it but if you’re going to say something that could possibly put you in a sticky situation, you are most likely to know before it does happen. If you’re going to say stuff that could possibly offend any amount of people, please don’t be on TV or on the radio when you say it. That goes for everyone not just the politicians that aren’t likely to read this.